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"Man we are really killing it, almost at $400K a month now"

Jason Ochoa -
CEO of NerveAlign

* see full video from Jason below
"465 conversions today. Also a single email blast sent out 5 hours ago has already made me $444.00."

Daniel, E-Commerce Entrepreneur

* each conversion is worth about $48 to Daniel, so this is about $22k sales in 1 day
*Results are not typical, and are a combination hard work, time, a bit of luck, dedication, and more. Your results will vary.
"I started out and we were doing $5K per month... now we're doing $75k per month". "If I could go back, I could have saved so much money if I had found this sooner."

Dr. Kaushal Kulkarni, MD - CEO of Eyetamins 
"Soon after we finished our funnel, we launched some tests on Facebook and they started doing great, so we continued running the offer.

It's been 6 months and we're doing close to 400k/month in revenue, so we're thrilled to be working with Sayan. It's been awesome! So, if you're thinking about it, just do it!"

Jason Ochoa - CEO of NerveAlign
"I got $2K of orders in a day and a half!!! WTF!!!"  (*Results not typical)

Bennett Johnson - CEO of Focus Supplement Company
"If I can get [more] MIDs I can easily hit 7 figures next month...First month after quitting my job and I hit 7 figures...not a bad accomplishment! 
(*Results not typical)

Daniel L - CEO of Limitless Ventures 

* MIDs are merchant processing accounts, which can get challenging to obtain enough of, if you're about to hit $1 Million/month like Daniel
"Down to earth with the right direction for the company. HUGE clarity..." - 

Dino Scirvani - CEO and Founder at Freak Beast Labs
"You think you know certain things and then, man, you talk to him [Sayan]...and it's just eyes wide open..." - 

Adam O. - CEO at Nervexol
"I don't know who is doing your marketing @MarthaStewart....but this is brilliant..." - Katie McBreen (tweeting about my ads for Martha Stewart)
"I have been working with Sark Media Direct for a couple of years now and I have never been disappointed.

We recently also hired them for our website design. Before this, I had only done some offline offers (newspapers) in the supplement space. My team had not done any online offers in the past, so we needed some professional guidance from industry veterans. After some initial transfer of information on our needs and some information to help them understand our approach, the Sark Media team ran with the design.

I have received several compliments on how nice the design looks, and the website is converting well. One affiliate even said, “whoever designed this site, knows what they are doing. They have done a great job indeed.” This feedback has given me even more faith in my decision to use Sark Media Direct now and in the future.

Sark Media offers a number of services that helped get our eCommerce site and our offer up and running quickly. The team is full of experienced professionals who can help create a custom offer that meets your needs and most of all, helps get you the sales you need.

I cannot overstate how helpful the team has been and how great the experience was. I would not think about using anyone else to help with my ecommerce business."

Richard Durham, Owner of Health Supplement Company
"...Sayan, who oversees our meal kit order business was there to answer everyone's questions..." - Martha Stewart posting on her blog (yes, the real Martha Stewart)
"...Insane insights on how to sell a beat-up, skeptical and saturated market... " - Joel Sim, CMO, Better Body Co
"Finished Week 2 training and it was pure 🔥🔥🔥....Honestly, super impressed with the content"
- E-Commerce Entrepreneur (name protected for privacy)
"Helped me significantly increase my AOV literally overnight."

(*Results not typical)
*AOV = average order value

Jeffrey Marks - CEO and Founder of U.S. Health/Beauty Brand 
One of my clients went from 7-figures to 9-figures in two years. I shared some of the steps in a private group and the response was off the charts. (*Results not typical)
Client on track for $1 Million in revenue next WEEK alone. (*Results not typical)

Shared this on FB and numerous health supplement and eCom business friends responded positively, because simply put: they know who I am and that my strategies work like crazy.

So if you're one of the dedicated few who is ready to invest in their success, work hard, and see amazing results in your business, 
then apply now.
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