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"Man we are really killing it, almost at $400K a month now" (*Results not typical)

Jason Ochoa - CEO of NerveAlign
"Helped me significantly increase my AOV literally overnight." (*Results not typical)

Jeffrey Marks - CEO and Founder of U.S. Health/Beauty Brand 
"Soon after we finished our funnel, we launched some tests on Facebook and they started doing great, so we continued running the offer.

It's been 6 months and we're doing close to 400k/month in revenue, so we're thrilled to be working with Sayan. It's been awesome! So, if you're thinking about it, just do it!"

Jason Ochoa - CEO of NerveAlign
"I got $2K of orders in a day and a half!!! WTF!!!"  (*Results not typical)

Bennett Johnson - CEO at Cognitrin
"Down to earth with the right direction for the company. HUGE clarity..." - 

Dino Scirvani - CEO and Founder at Freak Beast Labs
"You think you know certain things and then, man, you talk to him [Sayan]...and it's just eyes wide open..." - 

Adam O. - CEO at Nervexol
"I don't know who is doing your marketing @MarthaStewart....but this is brilliant..." - Katie McBreen
"Without the Supplement Profits System, there is absolutely no way I would be where I am now. The vendors, the examples and the general knowledge in the system have proven to be crucial to my success. I am new in the business and had I not joined this program, I would have certainly spent thousands more to get up and running." - Richard D.
"...Sayan, who oversees our meal kit order business was there to answer everyone's questions..." - Martha Stewart (the one and only)
"...Insane insights on how to sell a beat-up, skeptical and saturated market... " - Joel Sim, CMO, Better Body Co
"...I'd be writing a sales letter to convince you to go down there and work with you right now... " - Dervis C.
"Super impressed with the content"
"465 sales in one day....and over $400 net profit in just 5 hours of an email promo to his customer database"
"Appreciate you sharing this!! It's worth millions of dollars..." - Avinash Singh
"Worth a million dollars." - Luke Avedon
"He's the real deal." - Jurgen Van Pletsen
One of my clients went from 7-figures to 9-figures in two years. I shared some of the steps in a private group and the response was off the charts. (*Results not typical)
Client on track for $1 Million in revenue next WEEK alone. (*Results not typical)

Shared this on FB and numerous health supplement and eCom business friends responded positively, because simply put: they know who I am and that my strategies work like crazy.

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